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Revenue Based Financing

Compost Colorado partners with Enduring Planet to scale its composting operations

1600+ Customers
15 Cities
$100K RBF

Reducing waste, abating emissions, and improving soil quality in Colorado

Compost Colorado (CoCo) is Colorado's fastest growing compost company. Their innovative model starts enables residential and commercial customers to schedule organic waste pickup and receive a share of the resulting composted soil, which is super nutrient rich and serves as a great soil amendment, fertilizer, or lawn-enhancer. CoCo then leverages intelligent collection routes with a sustainable delivery service to minimize their carbon footprint.

By diverting organic waste from the landfill, CoCo puts a big dent in local methane emissions from decomposing waste. It’s also a complete-loop solution that ultimately returns nutrients back into the earth.

CoCo is scaling up its compost processing and plans to incorporate more innovative methods for harnessing organics such as anaerobic digestion and myco-manufacturing.

Compost Colorado contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production) and 13 (Climate Action).

Compost Colorado partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Expand its marketing efforts
  • Purchase supplies to service larger clients

Scaling with RBF in lead up to a Series A

As a rapidly growing company all-in on saving the planet, CoCo looks for accessible financing solutions. Enduring Planet's model propels CoCo to efficiently scale without overburdensome equity financing agreements.

CoCo chose Enduring Planet for the ease of the application process, the non-dilutive nature of the RBF, and value-add of our investor network in the lead up to a series A raise.

In addition to competitive terms versus other revenue based financing companies, CoCo loves how Enduring Planet shows up as a cheerleader, advisor, and partner.

Learn more about Compost Colorado.

Revenue based funding from Enduring Planet is accessible, scalable, and competitive.

Alejandro Abalos

Vann Fussell

Founder + CEO, Compost Colorado


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