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Climate Grant Advance

All Power Labs (APL) partners with Enduring Planet to advance biochar technology development

$20M Historical Revenue
25+ Coutries
12+ Patents

Renewable energy & durable carbon sequestration

Since 2008, All Power Labs (APL) has been at the forefront of the biomass thermal conversion industries; leading research, design, development, fabrication, testing and deployment of small scale gasification and pyrolysis systems.

APL systems convert biomass waste streams into renewable energy and biochar. Biochar is utilized in agricultural and industrial applications where it is sequestered durably.

APL’s innovative technology has overcome the traditional hurdles of gas cleanliness management and high capital and operating costs to create a new category of energy device that performs well in a wide variety of applications and value propositions. These breakthroughs are the subject of over a dozen US and international patents and patent applications.

Today, APL’s systems are deployed in dozens of countries around the world, solving a range of challenges with mobile biomass conversion technology.

All Power Labs has generated $20M in revenue across engineering services and equipment sales in dozens of countries. They are developing numerous carbon removal projects to support MT-scale capacity. The biochar produced from its systems have >90% carbon content with >80% remaining in the soil after 100 years.

APL contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 7 (Affordable and clear energy) and 13 (Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts).

APL partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Mitigate the uncertainty around grant payment timelines
  • Fund completion of grant deliverables

Using the Enduring Planet Grant Advance to address payment delays and timing uncertainty

APL is in an early growth stage and needs to efficiently manage its limited capital resources. The Grant Advance product is an excellent option to address the payment delays of grant invoices which are subject to exacting administrative review and approval.

APL chose Enduring Planet because of a clear understanding of the capital need and ability to transact expeditiously while also providing flexibility as the business situation evolves.

Learn more about APL.

Enduring Planet has a very clear understanding of our capital need, works fast and provides flexibility as the business situation evolves.

Alejandro Abalos

Alejandro Abalos

COO, All Power Labs


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