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Revenue Based Financing

Thrive Lot partners with Enduring Planet to sequester carbon in home yard ecosystems

1,251,916 Ft2 yard transformed
16,889 Plants installed
11,955,783 Gals water conserved

An online platform connecting homeowners to yard transformation experts

Thrive Lot is an online platform transforming yards into lush, bountiful ecosystems. Their network of service provider design, install and maintain forest gardens, vegetable gardens, greenhouses, pollinator habitat and even beehives and chicken coops for homeowners across the US.

The platform helps customers create their vision for a holistic home ecosystem, then connects them with the right skilled service provider at the right time. The platform helps customers and service providers collaborate and organize information at every step of a project to ensure the best result.

The Thrive Lot team supports customers and service providers throughout each journey, resulting in projects that support biodiverse life and healthy humans for the future.

Every Thrive Lot project mitigates and sequesters carbon while reducing waste by bringing packaging-free, chemical-free, and fuel-free food production to the yard and replacing turf grass with deep-rooted native plants, trees and shrubs. Their projects regenerate biodiverse life above and below ground, and the deepening soil organic matter retains water to reduce runoff, drought, and water waste.

Thrive Lot contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) and 13 (Climate action).

Thrive Lot partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Manage operating expenses during winter months
  • Cover salaries, advertising, and software subscription overhead

Supporting mission-aligned growth

Thrive Lot's revenues have doubled year over year, and they were looking for a way to continue fueling that growth with working capital but without equity dilution.

Despite regularly receiving offers from other business finance companies, Thrive Lot chose Enduring Planet based on deep mission alignment and the flexibility and structure of EP's Revenue Based Financing product.

We're completely mission-aligned. Of course, we get offers from business finance companies multiple times per day, but I only wanted to work with Enduring Planet knowing that the return on capital would help other businesses like ours!

Justin West

Justin West

CEO, Thrive Lot


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