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Climate Grant Advance

Sparkz partners with Enduring Planet to re-engineer the battery supply chain

2 Factories
92% Material Recovery
100s of Manufacturing Jobs Created

Sparkz is a leading battery startup re-engineering the battery supply chain from the ground up to eliminate the use of conflict minerals like Cobalt and Nickel and establish manufacturing of lithium batteries in the US.

Not only does Sparkz reduce the environmental impacts commonly associated with battery material extraction, but their domestic supply chain also eliminates mining practices that are commonly associated with human rights abuses and dangerous working conditions in the mines.

Sparkz technology can be used in stationary as well as mobility storage applications, thus reducing GHG emissions across the electrification applications value chain.

Sparkz partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Purchase manufacturing equipment
  • Achieve customer delivery deadlines

Seamless process

Sparkz needed a lending partner such as Enduring Planet that could move at the pace of a start-up. Partnering with Enduring Planet allowed Sparkz to secure the capital needed for strategic manufacturing purchases to achieve delivery deadlines to its customers. Supported by the Enduring Planet Grant Advance, Sparkz will be setting up the first and highest capacity production of battery material using non conflict minerals (Cobalt and Nickel) in the US.

Sparkz chose the Grant Advance because it's entirely non-dilutive, required no personal guarantees, and the repayment structure aligned well with the liquidity needs and cash flow of the business. They were also attracted to the value-add offered by Enduring Planet beyond the capital itself (investor network, etc)

Enduring Planet offers the best product, timeline, process and service in the industry.

Sanjiv Malhotra

Sanjiv Malhotra

CEO, Sparkz


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