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Climate Grant Advance

MIMiC Systems partners with Enduring Planet to make solid state heat pumps

1.9 GT CO2 saved over lifespan
~40 % carbon emission reduction
$100K grant advance

Gigaton carbon removal through refrigerant-free heating and cooling

MIMiC Systems is designing and developing a heat pump to decarbonize heating and cooling using solid-state technology.

Today's heat pumps, although a definite improvement over traditional HVAC technology, use refrigerants to operate which still have a carbon impact.

MIMiC, which stands for Modular Indoor Micro-Climate, was incubated at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. They use science and advanced engineering to make solid-state heat pumps viable for building applications that eliminate refrigerants, run silently and have no moving parts.

Refrigerant-free heat pumps could reduce carbon emissions by 1.9 Gigatons over a device's 30-year lifespan. In multi-family buildings, the savings could be as great as 29 TBtu of energy.

MIMiC contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 13 (Climate action).

MIMiC partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Build a functional prototype faster
  • De-risk the technology and attract private capital

Accelerating the progression from pre-revenue to at-scale climate solution

Due to the repayment scheduling of their grant, MIMiC was unable to move at a sufficiently fast pace. With the grant advance, they can parallel-track multiple lines of development spanning product, business, and team.

For MIMiC, the immediate priority is building a working prototype that demonstrates the efficacy of the technology. This clears the path to attract private capital and bring the product to market as quickly as possible.

When MIMiC went shopping for capital, they were steered to Enduring Planet by a trusted source. They ended up choosing Enduring Planet for its mission to support climate-focused companies and for the structure of the grant advance, which aligned best with company priorities.

We need to parallel-track multiple lines of development. With the Grant Advance program, we are able to accelerate and de-risk our company more effectively.

Berardo Matalucci

Berardo Matalucci

CEO, MIMiC Systems


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