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Climate Grant Advance

Kinetix partners with Enduring Planet to build innovative flywheel energy storage systems

1.1¢ Cost per cycle
20+ Year lifetime
96% Roundtrip efficiency

Kinetix’s mission is to empower clean energy deployment with a low cost per cycle, high reliability, and long-lifetime storage solution. To this end, Kinetix has designed a complete flywheel energy storage system that fits in a 20 ft shipping container and provides deployable, reliable power for 20 years without degradation. These low cost systems support multiple clean energy applications such as additional renewable power on existing transmission lines, EV fast charging stations, and replacing fossil fuel power plants with clean energy.

When combined with clean energy generation, EV charging, and clean fuel production, Kinetix plans to mitigate 500 million tons of CO2 emissions per year when deployed at scale.

Kinetix contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and 13 (Climate action).

Kinetix Systems partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Hire engineers
  • Further optimize product design

Maintaining momentum without cash flow stress

Kinetix won CalSEED funding to support the design of their IOMEGA 2000 flagship system. The Enduring Planet Grant Advance helped Kinetix accelerate product development and hire key engineering staff, while moving at startup speed months ahead of the grant schedule. Thanks to the Grant Advance, the design will be nearly completed by the time Kinetix expected to receive the funding.

Kinetix was drawn to the easy process, cost of capital, and innovative repayment structure (vs traditional term lending) of the Enduring Planet Grant Advance. They were also excited to build a long term relationship to support future capitalization needs.

Enduring Planet was great and easy to work with. Their process is simple and they want to help clean energy companies succeed just like yours.

Eric Martinez

Eric Martinez

Founder, Kinetix


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