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Climate Grant Advance

Folia partners with Enduring Planet to replace plastics with SUPER paper

$1.3M Project Revenue
13.7 Mt CO2/yr removal (at scale)
3 Patents

Sustainable paper as a super material

Boston-based Folia’s patented nano coating technology transforms paper into an advanced material platform capable of replacing billions of plastic products.

Their process and materials are drop-in-ready solutions for existing manufacturing value chains. They use standard industrial coating machinery and existing paper mills to manufacture at unit costs and at large scale needed for mass market consumer goods.

Folia has spent years inventing and patenting the world’s cheapest and most effective process for marrying ordinary paper with a coating that transforms it into an extraordinary good. With 3 patents and more pending, Folia is enabling an affordable shift to paper, which is sustainable, recyclable, and builds a renewable economy using FSC-certified trees.

Scaling up to megaton carbon removal

Folia offers 3 lines of advanced paper products, all of which meaningfully reduce emissions from target markets:

PPE & Air Filtration: Silverized non-woven and 3-ply face masks that filter air and limit bacteria growth.

Water Filtration: Antimicrobial filter paper containing silver nanoparticles that kill bacteria and viruses and filter out iron, dirt, and larger parasites – all at a cost of pennies.

Food Packaging – Plastic-free packaging built for reheating food in a microwave – all without plastic.

Folia contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) and 13 (Climate action).

Folia partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Manage operating expenses
  • Accelerate progress without waiting for grant funds

Folia chose Enduring Planet for the ease and speed of the funding process.  With the EP Climate Grant Advance, Folia could dramatically accelerate a number of key R&D efforts under their NSF SBIR Phase 2 grant.

Enduring Planet's super-efficient and easy process is remarkably better aligned for an early stage startup compared to a traditional lender.

Jonathan Levine

Jonathan Levine

CEO, Folia Materials


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