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Climate Grant Advance

Evtek partners with Enduring Planet to reimagine recycling for real climate impact

12 Systems launching
3,587,199 Items recycled
100s Clients

Personalized recycling

Evtek is transforming recycling from the ground up with new technology, specialized collection infrastructure, and community education. They design, build, and maintain software and recycling kiosk machines for private and public Deposit Return System providers.

Evtek's unique approach centers around personalized recycling that not only pays customers for what they recycle but provides real-time metrics on the difference individuals are making. Customers get real-time updates about their recyclables as they're processed.

To recycle with Evtek, customers interact with a web app that allows them to order EcoSupplies, schedule pickups, get paid, verify that items were recycled and monitor metrics. To collect and prepare recyclables for pickup, Evtek offers different receptacle options that empower businesses and people to recycle in ways that work for them.

Behind the scenes, Evtek's proprietary EcoVision AI is able to identify recyclables faster and more accurately than other technologies and even the most skilled humans. Their EcoSort robotic system efficiently separates recyclable material, lowering the cost of sorting  and giving Evtek an in-house advantage over competitors.

Evtek contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) and 13 (Climate action).

Evtek partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Pay key employees and invest in imperative R&D
  • Prime the pump in anticipation of repayment from the State of California

Working through the holidays to hit a funding deadline

Evtek chose Enduring Planet because of the shared mission and consistent outreach to offer help and support in advance of the grant. When the award announcement came, Evtek chose Enduring Planet as the quick go-to option for ethical non-dilutive financing.

Enduring Planet made sure to earn our business by being our allies even before the perfect opportunity arose to work together. They then worked through the holidays to expedite the underwriting process, never putting us in a stressful situation.

Martin Naro

Martin Naro

Co-Founder, CEO, Evtek


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