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Climate Grant Advance

Dollaride partners with Enduring Planet to help shuttle-van fleet owners transition to clean energy

15,000+ Commuters
$1.8M Revenue
52 Metric Tons GhG saved ride/yr

Digital tools for clean transportation

Dollaride is a mobility platform that helps shuttle-van fleet owners grow their businesses and transition to clean energy. Dollaride currently brings value to 15,000+ commuters in NYC (and growing).

Today, Dollaride offers a suite of digital tools that these small businesses use to operate fixed-routes, manage vehicle fleets, process payments, and report on performance.

The product platform will soon provide fleet owners with access to financing, EVs and charging stations so that they can deliver clean transportation in their cities. They anticipate converting small fleets to electrical vehicles will achieve the most impact over time.

Dollaride contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) and 13 (Climate action).

Dollaride partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Secure bridge financing to a $10M grant-funded project in NYC
  • Start the project 3-4 months before the first payment arrives without raising more dilutive venture capital

Getting started 3 months faster with the Grant Advance

The Dollaride team has previously worked on government sponsored projects and experienced firsthand the common challenge of managing cash flow with long/delayed payment cycles. As a lean startup, being able to access grant funding upfront was a game-changer in regards to operating the company. Enduring Planet's grant advance product enabled them to turn grant-funded contracts into working capital.  Ultimately, the grant advance enables Dollaride to start the project 3-4 months early while avoiding raising more dilutive venture capital.  

Dollaride chose Enduring Planet for its mission alignment and financial products designed specifically for Dollaride's needs, as well as access to additional resources (i.e. advice, intros to investors, and market insights).

Enduring Planet understands the needs of climate tech/innovation founders and have clearly designed their financial products to serve our needs. The team is phenomenal.

Su Sanni

Su Sanni

Co-Founder, CEO, Dollaride


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