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Climate Grant Advance

Discrete Lattice partners with Enduring Planet to make construction sustainable and more affordable

$1.6T Market opportunity
$75K Grant advance
50% CO2 reduction in framing

Build more while using, wasting, and spending less

Discrete Lattice is developing a new approach to producing on-demand, high performance structures for sustainable, affordable construction.

They combine their advanced, lightweight material system with low-cost robotics to reduce construction cost, shorten project timelines, and achieve more even flow production to overcome material and labor shortages.

Their core innovation is a cellular construction system that allows them to start with conventional materials, turn those into unconventional structures, and do so with unprecedented speed and affordability.

Discrete Lattice contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) and 13 (Climate action).

Navigating complex funding dispersement schedules

Discrete Lattice has experienced early success attracting grants in their goal to close the 4M unit housing shortage gap in the US with a climate-friendly technology and business model.

Unfortunately, grant disbursement schedules don't always align with business priorities, and Discrete Lattice needed a partner who could quickly support their working capital needs without dilution, complex covenants, or personal guarantee requirements.

Discrete Lattice also chose Enduring Planet because of shared climate goals and the additional value that Enduring Planet brought to the table, including access to the Enduring Planet investor network.

Enduring Planet has been easy to work with and is aligned with our goals as a company, so we've found them to be a great match.

Benjamin Jenett

Benjamin Jenett

Founder, Discrete Lattice


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