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Revenue Based Financing

Climate People partners with Enduring Planet to place mission-driven talent into climate tech careers

35 Customers
$21,997 Donated to climate nonprofits
51% BIPOC or woman candidates

Decarbonizing the economy through recruitment

Climate People is a climate tech recruitment agency dedicated to decarbonizing the economy by placing mission-driven talent into climate tech careers. Their sole mission is to make an impact by mobilizing a workforce transition to work on climate.

Leading online climate education platform estimates that 100 million people need to be working on climate by 2030 to address the demands of the climate crisis. But the demand for climate technology related jobs is expected to outnumber the supply of job seekers to fill them in the next five years. Hiring top talent will be a major limiting factor for scaling climate solutions.

In response, Climate People's business model is two-fold:

1. Work directly with established and aspiring entrepreneurs whose companies are working to move the needle closer to net zero.

2. Work with mission-driven candidates looking to make an impact through their careers and help them land their dream job in climate.

Climate People contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 8 (Decent work and economic growth) and 13 (Climate action).

Climate People partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Expand recruiting services
  • Enhance back-end systems

99% of the people working in climate by 2030 have yet to start

Climate People sought out revenue-based financing from Enduring Planet to ensure they could scale their systems, team, and processes to keep up with the ever-growing hiring landscape. They see the demand for climate talent only continuing to grow and at an exponential rate.

Climate People chose to work with Enduring Planet because of deep mission alignment and the shared sense of urgency to scale operations now to meet the growing demand for climate talent.

Enduring Planet removed the revenue bottleneck preventing us from scaling our services — they gave us the resources to amplify our impact, and we couldn’t recommend them more.

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser

Founder and CEO, Climate People


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