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Climate Grant Advance

Circuit partners with Enduring Planet to make last-mile shuttle services easier, greener and more affordable

7M Total rides
40+ Services
1,200 Metric tons of CO₂ prevented

Changing how people move short distances

Circuit is changing how people move short distances by making transportation easier, greener and more affordable. They are building on-demand, last-mile all-electric shuttle services in cities and developments around the US.

Using their proprietary software, 100% electric vehicles and teams of employee drivers, Circuit has provided over 7 million trips without burning an ounce of gas. In 2023, their services kept over 1200 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Circuit partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Manage operational expenses
  • Accelerate progress on a grant

Flexible capital to launch new services and expand transit access

Circuit was connected to Enduring Planet through a referral and was impressed by the Enduring Planet team’s professionalism and the ease of the process, which made Circuit confident in the value of Enduring Planet over competitors. They were also attracted to the structure of the Climate Grant Advance, with no dilution, no collateral, no personal guarantees, and a repayment schedule tied to grant receivables.

Circuit will use the additional capital to launch new contracted services, which will support their mission of making communities more sustainable, livable and connected. With every new service, Circuit will reduce local GHG emissions and provide safe, affordable and accessible transportation to all.

Circuit is dedicated to creating a network of sustainable transportation options for everyone, and Enduring Planet’s support will help Circuit continue to make a positive impact on communities and the planet.

Enduring Planet made it easy for value-driven companies to access competitive capital that will help you grow your business, delight your customers, and make a positive impact.

James Mirras

James Mirras

Co-founder, Circuit


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