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Climate Grant Advance

Blip Energy partners with Enduring Planet to produce a plug-and-play smart battery

2 Minute set up
2.5 kWh portable power
4K Units replace a power plant

Blip Energy is defining a new category of drop-in distributed energy resources that benefit both utilities and their customers. Blip's plug-and-play smart battery brings multi-unit residential and commercial properties into the age of Grid 2.0 without costly permitting or professional installation. From this valuable place at the grid edge, Blip's battery fleet provides flexible capacity to utilities to stabilize the grid and lower grid operating costs. For those end users, Blip leverages AI to decrease their electric bills and provides 2.5kWh of critical backup power.

Blip supports affordable and clean energy [Goal 7]; providing a simple solution for multiunit and rental households (54% of U.S. housing stock) to control their electricity costs, simultaneously supporting resource adequacy for electric utilities and mitigating the exponential rise in energy costs as grid operators invest heavily in additional generation and transmission capacity. Blip can rapidly retrofit existing infrastructure to respond as the changing climate increases volatility in our weather systems and commensurate energy needs [Goal 13], Blip not only works to stabilize the grid, but also provides individual households with resilience and critical backup power resilience when the grid does fail.

Blip Energy partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Execute quickly on a DOE grant
  • Scale up

Accelerate progress on DOE grant goals

Enduring Planet immediately understood the mechanics of the reimbursement-based grant we were awarded, the opportunity (and challenge) that came with that type of funding, and where we were coming from as an early stage Climate tech startup.

Blip shopped around, and found that other loan providers did not understand the mechanics of our reimbursement-based grant, had repayment terms that lessened the value of the working capital, or would only disburse portions of the working capital at a time for specific invoice amounts. Terms like that were redundant to the DOE terms that led us to seek out a grant advance in the first place.

The funding from Enduring Planet allowed Blip to move quickly to execute on the goals of our Dept. of Energy grant - to accelerate the accessible deployment of their proprietary energy storage systems.

Enduring Planet understands the capital and scaling challenges that startups face, that access to sensical capital can make or break innovation, and that rapid innovation is absolutely necessary to navigate our changing world. EP feels like a true partner.

Sophia Wennstedt

Sophia Wennstedt

CEO, Blip Energy


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