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Revenue Based Financing

Baltimore Fallen Lumber partners with Enduring Planet to build local, regenerative wood supply chains

50,000 Board Ft. Sold
25x YoY Increase
132.5 MtCO2e Stored

Creating jobs, trees and beautiful wood products

Across the US, 36 million trees fall every year--most ending up in landfills or turned into mulch. Baltimore Fallen Lumber (BFL, a subsidiary of Cambium Carbon) is on a mission to build local, regenerative wood supply chains across the country that repurpose fallen lumber and sequester carbon.

To further that aim, BFL – a full-service milling and fabrication operation in Baltimore – is a key element in the production of Cambium Carbon's Carbon Smart Wood™, a product that diverts waste, creates local jobs, and supports community tree planting.

BFL's impact flywheel is based on positive feedback loops. As more trees are diverted from landfills and put to their best use, the less carbon is emitted from tree decomposition. The more Carbon Smart Wood™ BFL produces and Cambium Carbon sells, the more high impact trees they plant which has further carbon benefits and added co-benefits like reducing urban heat island effect, increasing air quality, and contributing to well-being and targeted in typically underserved communities.

BFL contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 8 (Decent work and economic growth), Sustainable Development Goal 12 (Responsible consumption and production) and Sustainable Development Goal 13 (Climate action).

Baltimore Fallen Lumber partnered with Enduring Planet to:

  • Buy kilns to increase wood drying capacity
  • Increase lumber storage capacity

Infrastructure capital for scaling carbon sequestration

Cambium Carbon's Carbon Smart Wood™ is in huge demand for its quality and broad social impact: simultaneously reducing waste, creating jobs, and supporting local tree planting. However, supply is constrained due to a lack of wood processing and drying infrastructure across the country.  

To address this supply shortage, Baltimore Fallen Lumber used Enduring Planet's revenue based financing tool to increase their own lumber store capacity and buy kilns for scaling up wood drying, which will enable BFL and Cambium Carbon to significantly scale production of Carbon Smart Wood™.  

Enduring Planet's focus on climate impact and values-based investing made it a no-brainer to work together.

Theo Hooker

Theo Hooker

Co-Founder / COO, Cambium Carbon


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