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Founder Friendly Growth Financing

With our Revenue Based Financing, you don’t need to give up equity or control to fund the growth of your climate startup.

We fund based on your future revenue potential. No collateral, credit checks, personal guarantees or complexity.

Simple. Fast. Founder-friendly.

If you’re averaging $25K+ in monthly revenue with at least 35% gross margin, you’re eligible.

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Enduring Planet RBF

Raise less from VCs

We care deeply being transparent and saving you time. Enter some basics about your company in our calculator to get an estimate of your prospective Revenue Based Financing, how much dilution you could save, and your retained value upon exit.

If you like what you see, apply now!

Key Deal Terms

Loan Size

$100K to $500K

Principal Revenue Share

Between 1% and 7% until principal is repaid in full, then discontinues

Interest Revenue Share

Between 1% and 3% until principal is repaid

Payment Frequency



1% origination fee due at closing

Voluntary Buyout Options

Quarterly buyout options available at a slight premium


Term sheet does not create a binding obligation

Download our complete term sheet template

Like what you see?

clock10 min application