Enduring Planet funding criteria

What we look for in an investment

We’re transparent about our investment process to avoid wasting valuable founder time. Here are the key criteria and minimum financial hurdles we consider when evaluating a climate business for our revenue-based financing:

New Climate Economy



Contributing to the reduction of emissions



Contributing to the removal of carbon from the atmosphere

Adaptation and Resilience

and Resilience

Directly or indirectly improving resilience to a changing climate 

Ideal Business Models

Climate software


Climate consumer goods and services

Consumer goods and subscription services

Climate hardware


Long-term climate services

Long-term (1yr+) contracted services

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

EP knows that diverse teams are more likely to outperform their peers. We prioritize investing in underrepresented founders, diverse teams, and companies serving marginalized communities:

Diverse board

Diverse Board/C-suite

Diverse employees

Diverse employees

Inclusive HR policies

Inclusive HR policies

Marginalized end customers

Marginalized end customers

Minimum Financial Hurdles

Headquartered in the US

At this time, we only invest in companies headquartered in the United States generating USD revenues.

Climate companies headquartered in the US

Sound like you?

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